I am a Clinical Psychologist in private practice in Pretoria. I currently practice at Vista Clinic in Centurion as well as Montana Hospital in Pretoria North. I am a registered Clinical Psychologist with the Health Professions Council of South Africa and have been practicing since 2009. I have practiced in Bloemfontein, Polokwane and Pretoria. I have been in service to the Department of Health and have recently started Private practice.


The role of a Psychologist would be to guide the individual toward awareness and self-understanding. Another role would be to identify past unresolved emotional conflicts from past developmental phases and to facilitate an environment of healing in order to allow the patient to be free to deal with the here and now.


I have an interest in Developmental Psychology, in layman’s terms, understanding an individual with relation to their developmental phases. Adolescents and young adults are a special interest to me currently. These life phases are particularly an interest in the sense that they have unique challenges e.g. with adolescents the challenges may be related to finding their place in the world, struggling through confusion regarding their affiliation and loyalty to a particular cause and identifying with parents positively through modelling. In the case of young adulthood, the challenges of finding and forming a career as well as forming fidelity and intimacy in romantic relationships as well as friendships.


I’ve worked at the Free-state Psychiatric complex in Bloemfontein as an Intern Clinical Psychologist, wherein I was trained in Forensic Psychology, Affective Psychology, Child and Adolescent mental health, Substance Use disorders, Developmental disorders, Medical Psychology, Community Psychology and community psychology public service in Tshwane District Hospital.



In 2012 I joined the Dr. George Mukhari Hospital’s Clinical Psychology Unit and have been employed there until currently. I am involved in training Student Clinical Psychologists and Intern Clinical Psychologists as well as to provide Psychological services to the surrounding population.

Although I intent on expanding my Scope of Practice by offering my services on a private basis, I do remain Loyal to serving the state and to improving mental health care services in the province.